7 Proven Tips to Avoid Bad IVF Clinics & Doctors

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproductive technology that offers the chance of pregnancy to childless couples. Unfortunately, not all IVF centers are created equal. Many patients choose a center for the wrong reasons – they are close, cost less, or because of a referral from someone who knew someone who knew a couple who got pregnant there. Baby Joy Fertility & IVF Centre believes that knowledge is power and an educated couple will be better able to make a wise choice about where to go to bring a bundle of joy into their lives. Here are some tips for avoiding bad IVF doctors.

Signs to watch out for from an IVF clinic :

  • Some IVF centers will buy used or poor quality equipment, such as second-hand incubators, or dangerously (and illegally) recycle catheters and needles. Some may be technologically inferior and use old ineffective equipment or out-of-date methodology. A visit to the center should put some concerns to rest, and red flags should be raised if the facility won’t allow a tour.

Other warning signs include:
  • You can’t speak with the IVF doctor who would be treating you. Some clinics don’t have an IVF doctor on hand and rely on “part-time” IVF doctors who are busy performing other procedures they feel are more profitable. Other clinics schedule treatments for a few days a month and have an IVF doctor fly-in from elsewhere to perform treatments for many patients at once. Some doctors have multiple clinics all over the country. They are unable to monitor and assess treatment plans, and often will only see the patient on the initial consultation. These types of clinics will not have the success rate of a clinic that has a full-time IVF doctor on location.

A reputable clinic will take the time and energy to be successful because the full-time IVF doctor’s reputation and income depends on delivering high pregnancy rates.
  • Embryo freezing facilities are not offered. If the clinic lacks this technology, it may be a sign that they are inferior in other areas as well. Clinics that don’t offer freezing will often use your spare eggs, without consent, in other patients. When your eggs are “shared” instead of frozen for your use later if necessary, it reduces your chances for pregnancy. It is also a highly unethical way for the clinic to receive additional income.
  • You are not shared the progress of their treatment with transparency. They are not told about how many eggs are getting formed during process, how many are retrieved at the time of egg retrieval & how many are fertilized upon IVF. At these centres, many a times the eggs seen during follicular monitoring scan through ultrasound do not match with the eggs finally retrieved. Moreover, these centres fail to provide information on the number of embryos transferred & number frozen, post IVF.
  • Clinics fail to show the pictures of the embryos as seen under the microscope.
  • Doctors indulge into the practice of sharing the eggs of the patient with others without the consent of the latter. This unscrupulous practice not only allows the centre to earn more money unethically, but it also reduces the chance of success for the intending couple.
  • Patients aren’t given a discharge summary after treatment. This leaves the patient completely in the dark as to what procedures were used and what the next steps should be. It also allows clinics to use untested, controversial, and even dangerous treatments. Unscrupulous clinics who don’t provide records to patients can “treat” patients with repeated HCG injections, and then measure the level a few days later to prove conception. When nothing happens later and the tests come up negative, the clinic explains it away as a miscarriage.

Some warning signs may be difficult for the patient-to-be to recognize, but we feel doing a little research will help prevent you from wasting time and money, or putting your health at risk.

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